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16oz No Garlic Genuine Aged Dills

16oz No Garlic Genuine Aged Dills

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16 ounce No Garlic Aged in Wood Dill pickle. Our original pickle- the kind your grandparents used to buy from a wooden barrel at their neighborhood market. Also available with garlic. See "Kosher Genuine Aged Dills."

Ingredients: Cucumbers, Water, Salt, Vinegar, Natural Flavors, and Calcium Chloride.

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Customer Reviews

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Jackie Weller
There are non better

My dad introduced me to Seckler's pickles back in 2003 when I moved to St Joe Indiana. He told me they were the best pickles ever. OK personally I thought there's a lot of good pickles out there. One taste at the tasting room and I've purchased nothing since. In 2004 I moved to northern Michigan. I have mail ordered them, purchased through Amazon or went to the factory if returning to Ft Wayne. I HAVE to have Seckler's as yes dad they are the best anywhere!

Nicholas Yerico


Nancy Kossak
Great description. Made me interested in buying.

I love love love them. I eat at least one a day. I don’t like garlic so they are perfect for me.



Randall Zartman

Picked pickles as a summer job in my youth. The farmer made dills in oak barrels that was impossible to duplicate until I came across your product several years ago. Will remain a loyal, online customer.