Our goal has always been quality, not quantity. There are larger pickle companies, but none who offer the consistent quality, selection and service we do. We’ve been forging successful relationships with grocery chains, gourmet stores and food processors since the 1920's.


Pickles are perceived by many as a commodity, basically the same product with different labels.

While we produce quality versions of such standards as Sweet Pickles and Fresh Pack Dill Gherkins, it's our unique items that create a distinctive image in the consumer's mind. For instance. only Sechler's will bring you Candied Orange Chunk Pickles, Sweet Heat and Jalapeno Sweet Relish.

Look over our 55 products and see what else might fit on your shelves. For more information please contact Max Troyer by email or call 260-337-5461.

Private Label

Sechlers products have been valuable additions to product lines of other companies. We are certain to have products which enhance your label. If you already have a pickle, relish or salsa recipe we can produce, pack and label it for you. Private label has been a specialty of ours for decades.

To find out more about our private label program please email Max Troyer or call 260-337-5461.

Food Processors

Sechlers pickles have been a key ingredient in lunch meats, salads and dressings. Our products can be delivered in 16 oz. jars, 5 gallon pails or 50 gallon drums.

We’re a popular vendor for supermarket chains, specialty foods stores and food processors across the country.

For more information please email Max Troyer or call 260-337-5461.


For over 30 years, bands, churches, boy scouts and other organizations have discovered the fun and excitement of selling pickles. In many communities, Sechler's pickle fund-raising is eagerly awaited by many customers, who are looking for uniquely-flavored pickles. Selling Sechler's pickles is a great way for your organization to raise funds and offer community members the opportunity to purchase reasonably-priced pickles.

If you have any questions, please email Max Troyer or call 260-337-5461.