State Road 1 Detour

State Road 1 Detour

Spring is in the air! The frogs are croaking, the grass is greening, and the robins have made their migration back to Northeast Indiana! Unfortunately, so have the orange traffic cones, otherwise known as "Indiana's State Flag," and they've brought with them more road closures for the season. This year the small town of St. Joe will again be partially closed due to construction on State Road 1, but visitors to Sechler's Pickles need not worry! Only a small section is scheduled to be closed this year, and it's still very easy to get to the factory. 

If you're coming from the North, East, or West, then no worries! State Roads 8, 101, and 1 (North of our facility) are open to all traffic. If you're coming from the South, check out the detour map above. By turning off State Road 1 onto County Road 68 in Spencerville, not only do you avoid the road closure, but you will get a beautiful view of the Historic Spencerville Covered Bridge as you cross over the St. Joe River. Stop, enjoy the scenery, take a walk across the bridge, and even pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on your journey...just make sure to go to the Showroom first and get some pickles to munch on! 

Spencerville Covered Bridge

County Road 68 will take you to State Road 101, then turn left to head North towards County Road 56, where you will turn left again and will run right into Sechler's Pickles. Don't worry about missing your turn, there's a large sign at the intersection pointing you right to us. If all else fails, follow the smell of our delicious pickles! 

If you find yourself lost and in need of direction, give us a call at 260-337-5461 and we will help you find your way.


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