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Candied Sweet Lemon Strips are a unique candied (twice sweetened) pickle with tangy lemon flavor.

Candied Orange Strip Pickles

Candied Sweet Orange Strip Pickles have been a Sechler's favorite since 1940.

Candied Sweet Dill Strips

Candied Sweet Dill Strip Pickles have the traditional dill flavor while getting treated to the sweetening process twice.

Candied Sweet Orange Chunk Pickles

Candied Sweet Orange Chuck Pickles are our popular Orange Strips as chunks.

Candied Sweet Lemon Chunk Pickles

Candied Sweet Lemon Chunk Pickles

Candied Sweet Dill Chuck Pickles

Candied Sweet Dill Chuck Pickles

Apple Cinnamon Chunk Pickles

Candied Sweet Apple Cinnamon Chunk Pickles

Candied Sweet Gherkins

Candied Sweet Gherkins are our candied dill pickle in a bite-size form.

Candied Sweet Raisin Crispy OPickles

Candied Sweet Raisin Crispy Pickles are a unique combination of candied pickles, raisins and spices.

Candied Sweet Mixed Pickles

Candied Sweet Mixed Pickles

Candied Sweet Midget Pickles

Candied Sweet Midget Pickles are our popular candied dill in its smallest form.

Sweet Pickles

Sweet Gherkins

Sweet Pickle Chips

Sweet Pickle Relish

Sweet & Mild Hungarian Pepper Relish

Diced Sweet Salad Pickles

No Garlic Hamburger Dills

Dill Pickle Relish

Kosher Aged in Wood Genuine Dill Pickles. Our original pickle, the kind your grandparents bought from a barrel at their neighborhood market. Available with or without garlic.

Dilled Cauliflower

Sweet Heat Mixed Pickles

Hot Mixed Pickles

Hot Jalapeno Slices

Jalapeno Dilled Gherkins

Jalapeno Sweet Relish

Medium Hot Cauliflower

Medium Hot Imported Pepperoncini

Candied Jalapeno Slices

Candied Horseradish Chips

Sweet Bread & Butter Cucumber Slices

Sweet Sliced Green Tomatoes

Kosher Dill Gherkins

Kosher Baby Dill Pickles

Polish Wyrob

Kosher Dill Pickle Spears

Hot Kosher Spears

Hot Hungarian Pickled Banana Peppers

Mild Hungarian Pickled Banana Peppers

Medium Hot Kosher Dill Tomatoes

Sweet Zesty Bread & Butter Chunks

Medium Hot Chunky Dill Mixed Pickles

Hot Salsa

Medium Salsa

Mild Salsa

Medium Fruit Salsas include Cherry, Cranberry, Peach, Pineapple, Red Respberry, Balack Bean, Green and Mango

Sechler's Fine Pickles

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